For the first time and experimentally, a complete Neuroembodyment program was developed for six weeks, with Mental Health patients in Cartagena. The results have been very promising, significantly reducing the levels of stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms observed through the Questionnaire of Porges and Stress.

The patients belong to the area of Dual Pathology of the Regional Mental Health Center, that is, they are patients with problems of stress, anxiety, depression and various addictions such as gambling, alcohol, cocaine, hashish.

Previously Neuroembodyment had only been applied to non-pathological population in various workshops.

The versatility of the Neuroembodyment methodology allows adaptation to diverse populations with or without associated pathologies.

Here the complete program applied



Session 1

-Commitment of participation

-Neuroembodyment´s roots

-Concepts of attention and intention

-First breathing attention exercises

Session 2

-Developing the definition of Neuroembodyment, body intelligence

-Breath as the first bridge for reconnection with our body intelligence

-Exercises of respiratory and corporal consciousness

– Consciousness of breathing versus conscious / coherent breathing

Session 3

-What stress and how it influences us psychologically

-Absolute and relative stress

-Eutrés and distrés

-Chronic stress

-Human sensory and motor cortex

-Diaphragmatic breathing

-Exercise of body scanner

Session 4

-The stress and relaxation response

-The Autonomic Nervous System

-The brain-heart connection. The Cardiac Variability Rate

-Guided Meditation

-Consistent breathing techniques

Session 5

-The Parasympathetic Nervous System: the healing power of the vagus nerve

-The Polivagal Theory

-The vagal complex

-Stick techniques of the vagal complex

Session 6

-Neuroembodyment and Compassion

-Principles of Jon Kabat-Zinn

-Empathy and Compassion

-Meditation of compassion



The program consists of six sessions, two hours per week plus three review sessions in order to consolidate what has been learned


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